Carbon Capture Storage

L10CCS is one of the large stores to be connected to the Aramis CO₂ transport and storage initiative in the Dutch part of the North Sea. L10CCS seeks to store 5Mton CO₂ annually, equivalent to a third of the total CO2 emissions from Dutch domestic vehicles in one year*.

The timeline of L10CCS is fully aligned with the Aramis project timeline with FID in 2025 and is planned to be connected and operational as of day 1 of the opening of this CO2 transport system, now planned in 2028.

CCS is expected to account for nearly 15% of the cumulative reduction in CO2 emissions in the EU, according to the IEA Sustainable Development Scenario. Without CO₂ storage it would not be possible to meet the climate goals. To create a well-functioning CCS market, both emitters and storage providers need CO₂ transport. The region around L10 has a potential storage capacity up to 120-150 MT, so will play a crucial role in helping achieve climate goals and open up possibilities for many emitters that need safe CO₂ storage in the North Sea at low costs.